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Turning Inspiration Into Impact

About One of Many

One of Many is a collective of artists, designers, musicians, and changemakers who create unique and uplifting works across mediums that turn inspiration into impact.

Making a Difference Through Creativity

One of Many is built on the idea – that creative expression can make the world better for all. That’s why we ensure a significant portion of revenue is donated to causes creating positive change. When you purchase a One of Many original, your support drives real impact.

Creating With Intention

Ensuring your purchase pays it forward. One of Many donates 20% of sales to impactful causes; so every purchase with One of Many helps drive change. We thoughtfully select our giving partners to align with inclusive missions and values. Together we can amplify creativity’s power to heal, connect, and empower.

Join the Movement, Use Art for Positive Change

When voices unite, communities thrive. That’s why One of Many is open to all – we’re excited for you to share your talents! Let’s turn inspiration into action to enable more diversity, inclusivity, and equity. Because each one of us is required to make impactful change.


Visit our partnership page if you would like to partner with One of Many to create a positive impact with your upcoming creative projects.