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One of Many Partnerships

Partnerships That Create Positive Impact

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At One of Many, we believe in the power of bringing people together to drive positive change. That’s why partnerships and collaboration is core to everything we do, and we are just getting started.


If you would like to get creative with us; please contact us to learn more!



To help each other, we have to work together. One of Many currently has two types of partnerships that create positive change:

One of Many is built on the idea that we are Better Together. By exploring, sharing, and collaborating, we can create more compelling work and make a bigger impact than any one of us could alone. That is why we are always looking to partner with others looking to make a positive impact.


Learn more about current partnerships below and reach out if you would like to discuss a possible partnership with One of Many. 

Partnership Through Support

Organizations One of Many is Supporting

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Palestine Children's Relief Fund

One of Many’s revenue from music and Hamzah merchandise will support positive change for children and citizens in Palestine.

Clean Air Task Force

Purchases from our upcycled shop will support positive change for our global climate

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Partnership Through Creation

Creative Partners We Work With

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Mushi Mushi

One of Many is currently partnering with Mushi Mushi for upcoming creative projects for our stores.


Purchases from our upcycled shop will support positive change for our global climate

Let's Partner Together

If you are an artist, group, individual, or organization interested in partnering with One of Many, please reach out! We are excited to brainstorm how we can blend our talents and passions to spread more creativity and positivity.